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TAM-JET  Elite

Type: Luxury Jet


TAM management a respected aviation giant in Georgia, specialising in state of the art aircraft design and manufacturing. The TAM JET will be certified to EASA, CS-23, normal category airplane. The aircraft will be certified for day and night Visual Flight Rules (VFR) and Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) including flight into known icing conditions.
The TAM JET features an optimization of comfort cabin volume and performance. It is a pressurized, twin turbofan, middle wing, normal category airplane utilizing a carbon fibre airframe designed in accordance with damage tolerance requirement.
The TAM JET flight deck features an integrated avionics package, all-glass cockpit, designed for ease of operation and reduced cockpit workload.
Power is supplied by two FADEC controlled turbofan engines. Each engine generates -1800 pounds static installed thrust at ISA + 10 °C. The TAM JET engines are pylon mounted on the upper aft fuselage.
The TAM JET is designed for a service utilization of 1,500 -2,000 hrs/year.
ELITE Jet offers the VLJ industry’s most advantageous combination of design, performance and luxury, including twin engines.

Technical Specification

  • Wingspan : 13.41m
  • Aircraft Length : 11.00m
  • Aircraft Height : 3.77m
  • Crew : 1-2
  • Passengers : 6 to 8
  • Max Speed : 760 KPH
  • Cruise Speed : 710 KPH
  • Ceiling : 12,000m
  • Range : 2590 Km
  • Fuel : 363 Gal
  • Ferry (H=4.0km) : 1,850 Km
  • Runway Take Off : 490m
  • Runway Landing : 560m
  • Engine : Williams Int. (FJ-33)
  • Body : Carbon Fiber


Type: Multi-Purpose Aircraft

Albatross is a leading multipurpose aircraft manufacturer with innate design capabilities. Established in 1994, the company’s unique offering makes it stand out from its competitors across the globe.

The product entails a multipurpose amphibious aircraft of a normal category with a chassis which is designed in compliance with aviation regulations of Russian Federation and USA, AP-23 and FAR-23 respectively. The project takes into account the requirements of the ОТТ ВВС-86 in terms of hydro-aviation.

The aircraft with a hovercraft chassis, “Albatross” is intended for regular passenger-and-freight operations with a payload of about 800 kg (up to 9 passengers) in the absence of a developed airfield infrastructure with minimal dependence on weather conditions and the state of the runway.

AHC “Albatross” is capable of taking off and landing on multiple different surfaces; ground, sand, turf, snow, ice, marshland, water, and is able to cross shallows, ditches, cliffs and systematic irregularities with heights of 0.35 meters, and some ledges of 0.5 meters.

Technical Specification

  • Wingspan : 14.25m
  • Aircraft Length : 12.95m
  • Aircraft Height : 3.94m
  • Wing Area : 25 sqm
  • Cabin Length : 4.10m
  • Cabin Width : 1.30m
  • Cabin Height : 1.38m
  • Cabin Volume : 6.54sqm
  • Crew : 1
  • Passengers : 8 to 9
  • Max Speed : 350 KPH
  • Cruise Speed : 275 KPH
  • Practical Ceiling : 3,500m
  • Technical Ceiling : 7,500m
  • Range : 850 Km
  • Endurance : 7.5 Hours
  • Ferry (H=4.0km) : 1,850 Km
  • Runway Ground : 275m
  • Runway Water : 275m


Type: All Terrain Vehicle


The Vikingis an advanced low pressure tires off-road amphibious vehicles (AATAV 4×4, 6×6, 8×8) and trailers for extreme weather and climate condition with innovative consumer features that are unique to the Viking.
Licensed customer service and after sale support of VIKING AATAV located in moost perspective overseas markets.
R&D and assembly of V.I.P. customized versions can be offered.

Technical Specification

  • Axles : 4×4
  • Dimensions : 5.25m X 2.55m X 2.70M
  • Base : 2.98m
  • Clearance : 0.3m to 0.6 m Adjustable
  • Payload (road) : 3 Passengers + 450 Kg
  • Payload (trail) : 3 Passengers + 150 Kg
  • Curb Weight : 1,850 to 2,100 Kg
  • GVW (solid soil) : 2,700 Kg
  • GVW (soft soil) : 2,400 Kg
  • Tire Size (Option 1) : 1,30m X 0.60m-533
  • Tire Size (Option 2) : 1.25m X 0.58m-533
  • Water Propulsion : Available
  • Speed In Water : 12 KPH
  • Turning Radius : 8.6m
  • Gears : 6 + Reverse


The project А145 integrates innovative design and engineering concepts
of aircraft and shipbuilding industries.

The vessels series A145 have been transporting passengers on the waterways of Russia since 2013. Their routes lay through the most adverse weather conditions of the Russian North.


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