Founded in 1981, Al Awtaan is a leading water technology company in the United Arab Emirates. Our employees’ knowledge of water, partnerships with international companies and broad business networks makes Al Awtaan a reputable water technology products and services provider. We are a growth company driven to expand, by moving our brands into new geographical areas and business channels. We are committed to our customers, who are always at the center of our thinking.

Our drive for the water technology market is in our DNA. We provide the technology to pump, store, treat, heat and service water. Our objective is that your water system comes from Al Awtaan, and we exist to serve you. We provide the engineering knowledge and technology to make water work. We are humbled to serve key clients and have delivered water solutions to landmark regional projects including the Burj Khalifa Development, Dubai Marina Mall, Bay Central Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and many more.

We carefully select our business partners based on exclusivity, commitment to research and development and a future road map, anticipating customers changing needs. Al Awtaan has a passionate, talented and experienced workforce that is proud to serve all business segments including the Residential, Commercial, Agriculture, Irrigation and Municipal industries.

Our business is well established in the United Arab Emirates and has extensive retail outlets, distribution through dealer and direct sales through our projects team. Our team is here to help you by providing you with the technology and applications to deliver and manage water.

DAB Pumps

Al Aweer Trading Co. in partnership with DAB Water Technology and other Multi National Companies provides a number of solutions to different water applications. We have the pumps, motors, tanks and electronics to serve the residential and commercial sectors, municipal and industry and irrigation and agricultural sectors. In these sectors we use our products to pumps, heat, treat, store and service water. This enables us to apply our products in different applications including; pumping water for residential use, gardening, boosting water to higher levels, pump up water from deep wells and sub-surface, residential and commercial swimming pools, pumping drainage water, storm water pumping and collection, wastewater pumping and collection, lifting and collection of sewage and industrial effluent, pumping wastewater to lifting stations and circulation of water for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.


Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) Water Tanks. Based in Korea, Sejin has focused its business on water tank products. Where its products are dominant in the industrial and construction markets. Sejin has received recognition through obtaining: WRAS (Water Regulation Advisory Scheme), accreditation from the United Kingdom drinking water standard certifications, and is ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Sejin offering:

Sheet Molding Compound Water Tanks that manufactures to ISO 9001 certification. Sejin has excellent finishing capability, excellent interior and exterior standards with high durability, sanitation, hygiene and water tightness.

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ATX is the largest independent pump manufacturer in South Asia. ATX has a heritage of 50 years in the pumps industry. ATX has six divisions with a built up area more than 400,000 square feet. Catering exclusively to the manufacture of different pump product groups. ATX has gained international recognition through; consecutively winning the Indian Export Excellence Award for four years. ATX was also recently awarded in Japan the Total Productive Maintenance TPM Award, the first of its kind for a South Asian company and ATX is also 9001:2000 Total Quality Management certified. ATX factories possess state of the art robotic and laser welding manufacturing equipments. Its own captive foundry within the premises producing high quality casting for both ferrous and non-ferrous production and with an own independent environmentally power generation plant.

ATX offerings:

Borehole 4″ and 6″ Pumps and Motors and open well submersible pumps

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