Founded in 1981, Al Awtaan is a leading water technology company in the United Arab Emirates. Our employees’ knowledge of water, partnerships with international companies and broad business networks makes Al Awtaan a reputable water technology products and services provider. We are a growth company driven to expand, by moving our brands into new geographical areas and business channels. We are committed to our customers, who are always at the center of our thinking.

Our drive for the water technology market is in our DNA. We provide the technology to pump, store, treat, heat and service water. Our objective is that your water system comes from Al Awtaan, and we exist to serve you. We provide the engineering knowledge and technology to make water work. We are humbled to serve key clients and have delivered water solutions to landmark regional projects including the Burj Khalifa Development, Dubai Marina Mall, Bay Central Tower, Jumeirah Lakes Towers and many more.

We carefully select our business partners based on exclusivity, commitment to research and development and a future road map, anticipating customers changing needs. Al Awtaan has a passionate, talented and experienced workforce that is proud to serve all business segments including the Residential, Commercial, Agriculture, Irrigation and Municipal industries.

Our business is well established in the United Arab Emirates and has extensive retail outlets, distribution through dealer and direct sales through our projects team. Our team is here to help you by providing you with the technology and applications to deliver and manage water.


Established in 1912, ‘EBARA’ corporation ‘EBARA’ is a global multinational manufacturer of water pumps. Today, as a group, it consists of more than 70 companies in 5 continents, with a workforce of more than 11,000 people. The huge scale of production and distribution is matched by a constant commitment to the research, development and design of new products, and the modern technologies for manufacturing them.

EBARA products have gained worldwide reputation for its technological advancement and quality. As well as major manufacturing facilities in japan, EBARA has production facilities in many other countries including italy. With an ultra modern facility for the mass production of stamped stainless steel pumps. Utilising the latest manufacturing technologies, including a patented plasma stamping, pressing and welding processes that results in products of continued and consistent high standards and quality.

EBARA is the world leader in design, development and manufacture of pumps and pumping systems with over 100 years history, ebara has extended and improved its product lines to include the widest range in the world of industrial and domestic water and wastewater pumps in the world.

EBARA is focused on the manufacture of quality and innovative products with water and wastewater pumps that can be used for various industries including residential, commercial, agricultural, irrigation, industry and municipal.

EBARA motto is:
Experience and reliability, technology and quality, research and development, service and after service

Experience and reliability:
The experience acquired throughout the years has enabled ebara to use its competences and knowledge in order to develop the most advanced technologies. The present technology and the investments done put ebara in a condition of absolute competitiveness on the worldwide market and guarantee of reliability. Due to the engineering and applied research centre that, beginning from the product concept, through to the product design and up to the final realization, ebara develops high quality products and sophisticated systems meeting the customers’ needs and the market requirements.

Technology and quality:
Each ebara product, as well as installations, are made to the highest functioning standards, by means of a strict and complete quality control programme which involves the entire manufacturing cycle. EBARA centrifugal motor-driven pumps, constructed around a spiral created by means of extremely high pressure plasma forging covered by several international patent, are synonymous with the latest generation of products for the pumping of fluids. For the stainless steel pumps production EBARA uses a particular moulding technique for stainless steel manufacturing. The robotized manufacturing process allows optimal raw materials use, rapid production line changes, high standardisation levels and high quality control on the assembly line, thanks to this sophisticated technique it is possible for EBARA to produce stainless steel electric pumps with high hydraulic design.

Research and development:
Production processes are carefully conceived to optimise high quality and reliability of our products. EBARA pumps europe s.P.A. Has two production installations: one in the veneto region (Brendola) and one in trentino (Cles). The production line located in cles, is fully automated and robotized, the facility has been designed in order to maximize the use of the raw materials, to make the creation of products to the highest levels of standardization and efficiency possible, while minimizing energy requirements. The experience accrued over many years of activities, ISO 9001 standard certification, and a flexible manufacturing process supported by advanced it systems (CAD, CAM, SAP), are synonymous with the guarantee of the product’s quality.

Service and after-sale service:
EBARA pumps europe offers an efficient after-sale service network to its global operations with an attentive and thorough after sales service, EBARA offers the most comprehensive customer support to its clients.

Ebara offering:
Durable, high efficiency and energy saving with the highest quality stamped stainless steel pumps and motors with the widest range in the world, for industrial and domestic water and wastewater pumps industry. EBARA water and wastewater pumps includes a comprehensive line of corrosion resistant stainless steel pumps including horzintal and vertical multi stage centrifugal pumps, booster sets, single stage centrifugal pumps, drainage pumps, sewage pumps, submersible sewage pumps, wastewater pumps, deep well and borehole pumps, chilled water pumps and circulators, split case chilled water pumps, dewatering pumps, slurry pumps, industrial booster sets lifting stations, swimming pool pumps and all related accessories.

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