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As a leading service and technology provider in the G.C.C. region, ARJ Holding has achieved greatness in recent years strengthening its position as an industry leader. It is a strong testament of the firm’s commitment to prepare for its journey of the next century in emerging markets such as Brazil, and support companies in Latin America in their building of business eminence.

The new office is part of our business strategy at this critical period of economic transformation in the South American Region. We will make use of our global network advantages, coupled with our local professional services experience, to provide strategic support to the region’s economic transformation and industrial upgrade.

The Brazil Office will increase our relations with local businesses and help us establish projects in industries such as engineering, agriculture, livestock, heavy industries, mining, and governmental projects.

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Since joining ARJ Holding in 1998, Alice has developed extensive experience in large-scale transformation and strategy work, often in connection with mergers.

Adam Buschemi
Global Leader and Client Team Chair, Broad Burk

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