In a thriving and vibrant world of real estate and living spaces, ARJ Properties has taken lifestyle to new heights, by developing residential, retail and commercial projects that exude total commitment to excellence in design and workmanship, and meeting its corporate obligation towards protecting the environment and financially progressive locations for individual buyers, corporations and investors.

The success of ARJ Properties can only be defined through their services which they provide to their tenant and staff. With relationships spanning more than 10 years. The team of ARJ Properties have been flexible and have stood with their tenants in their good and bad times, resulting in a stable occupancy rate. Passionate and dedicated, the team extend themselves to the maximum and keep their tenants happy and comfortable.




  • To maintain the highest occupancy rate in the market and make the living conditions of tenant as comfortable in order to keep them happy.
  • To expand our portfolio by developing new projects in different sectors, to the best of our abilities.
  • Strong focus on customer satisfaction
  • To provide up to date service and maintenance
  • Ensuring progress and comfort for years to come


With a primary objective of keeping tenants satisfied, our residential abodes range from luxury villas and penthouses in the heart of Jumeriah, to even labour camp accommodations, all of which offer nothing short of comfort. With close to 300 residential units around prime locations in Dubai, ARJ Properties has been the developer of buildings that include the Centro Building, Al Muraqqabat Building, Ayal Nasir Building, and the 28 Studio Building, among others.

  • Comfortable living in close to 300 residential units
  • Round the clock service and maintenance
  • Multiple options with a variety of price ranges
  • Offering top of the line in quality living

A beautiful confluence of Business and Leisure

Providing luxury in the arms of comfort, our commercial properties aim to define style with contentment. From our most recent and prestigious projects such as La Verda Suites and Villas, Dubai Marina to Sapphire, Dubai Silicon Oasis and Le Chateau Blanc in Zaarour Hills, Lebanon, our patrons are treated to opulence they deserve. Our range of commercial properties also extends to the Dubai Cinema Building our own headquarters. ARJ Holding.

  • Contemporary styled business environment and offices
  • Round the clock service and maintenance
  • Multiple options with a variety of price ranges
  • Offering top of the line in quality work spaces


Dubai is a cosmopolitan melting pot of various nationalities and cultures, going about their individual interests every workday yet sharing one passion on weekends shopping! The brand savvy residents of Dubai always regard the
opening of a mall or the arrival of another world famous name on the shopping horizon, as a perfect excuse to celebrate in grand fashion. Located on the esteemed Jumeirah Beach Road, within minutes of the city’s most glamorous hotels and restaurants, Agora Mall will set new standards in retail  sophistication. With its pleasant atmosphere and stylised architecture, Agora aims to beautifully merge people and their shopping dreams. As one of ARJ Properties biggest offering yet, it relishes a privileged seascape over the majestic Arabian Gulf.

Targeted as a Boutique Community Mall, it is under development phase
right now and should be ready for its grand launch by September 2018.

  • A wide range of high-end and luxury boutiques and shops
  • Positioned as a prime location in Dubai


Located in the breathtaking pristine northern Metn Caza in Zaarour Hills, Le Chateau Blanc resort overlooks a vast virgin Mediterranean land. Lying over 1550 meters above sea level, the resort is surrounded by fresh air and a view of the majestic mountain tops of Sannine, one of Lebanon’s most astonishing destinations.

Le Chateau Blanc features different modes of luxurious villa and town houses, designed to accommodate your every lifestyle need. Boasting cutting edge technology in their conveniences and appliances, these villas are an ideal place
to spend every season in style and comfort.

Experience the serenity of nature

The proud mountain of Sannine, a vast virgin land overlooking the Mediterranean beholds Zarrour, a destination that ever was and still is one of Lebanon’s most astonishing regions, Le Chateau Blanc, the resort sits on a plot of breathtaking pristine northern Metn Caza, Mount Lebanon province, Le Chateau Blanc lies 1550 meters above sea level and is surrounded in fresh air and by majestic mountain tops.

Le Chateau Blanc, features different modes of luxurious villa and town house living designed to accommodate your every lifestyle need. Boasting cutting edge technology in their conveniences and appliances, there villas are an ideal place to spend every season in style and comfort.

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